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What is News Analytics?

News analytics refers to systems that gather and process textual news stories and extract information out of the stories. The extracted information usually includes qualitative and quantitative attributes. Examples of such information - Quantitative: US gdp rose 2.8% in October. Qualitative: BP is expected to cut more jobs in 2016. Apple iPhone is expected to further gain market share.

Business & Market News Analytics

A business or market news analytics system could plot and characterize financial and economic behaviours of countries, companies, commodities or currencies over time so users can gain strategic insights.

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Advanced News Analytics

Advanced news analytics systems can extrapolate knowledge learned from past news onto the latest current events to deduce new insights, similar to what human analysts do. Such insights are used to make new decisions such as building a new position in a stock or divesting an existing position. Imagine doing this automatically with vast amounts of financial and market news data.

Can News Analytics systems replace human analysts?

Most likely not, particularly in the near future. However, such systems can help financial analysts and managers focus more on analysis and decision making rather than searching and making sense of the data.
News analytics is helping humans much better decisions by enhancing and summarizing the vast amount of available information.

The story selection and placement were determined by a computer program. The date shown here are the published dates as shown on the corresponding news site.
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