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2015 News Events

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News that dominated 2015

This preview of the major business and market events of 2015 is generated by our system based on the news published on major online news media throughout the world. There is a bias towards news published by the US media. The topics that were published the most made it into "major events" timeline.

China, Oil, Fed, Dollar and Greece dominated the market headlines in 2015. Energy, oil, commodities and mining were among the hottest topics from around the world. Apple,, Google, Alibaba, Yahoo, Exxon, General Motors, Chevron, Volkswagen, Goldman Sachs, Wal-Mart and Uber dominated the corporate headlines. Some of the biggest M&As in history including the Pfizer-Allergan deal and the Dell-EMC dotted the year.

Countries most mentioned in the news headlines in 2015 were China (yuan as a global currency, currency devaluation), EU (quantitative easing), US (dollar, fed, technology, strong gdp), India (fasted growing major economy), Russia (oil and natural gas rout, Ruble collapse, Syria), Greece (bailout) , Japan (quantitative easing, policies), Australia (commodity rout), Iran (joining international oil market), Turkey (bombing Russian plane), Saudi Arabia (oil crisis), South Korea (Samsung) and UK.

DEC 2015
Google for making in India
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NOV 2015
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OCT 2015
China iPhone sales boost Apple earnings
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Gold jumps 2% after US jobs data disappoints
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SEP 2015
Volkswagen boss quits over diesel scandal
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Apple TV Subscriptions Won't Work
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AUG 2015
LIC buys 90% of Indian Oil shares offer
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JUL 2015
Amazon's Profit Spurs Shares Higher
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JUN 2015
U.S. stocks rise; Nasdaq sets record
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MAY 2015
India, China sign 24 key agreements
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U.S. Stocks Jump After Jobs Report
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APR 2015
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MAR 2015
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