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Qualitative Features

Qualitative properties are properties that are observed and can generally not be measured on a numerical scale. An example of a qualitative scale is "Excellent, Very Good, Good, Bad or Very Bad". It includes news data such as "ipad sales is expected to be higher", "customer frustration with service is high" and "CEO found guilt of fixing the books".

Why is Qualitative Analysis important?

Quantitative analysis only provides one aspect of the equation. Qualitative data completes the equation. For example, projected gdp growth of a country could be disrupted by a sudden unexpected change in political situation. The new projections will make more sense when the quantitative data is analyzed together with the qualitative data.

NewsInformatics automatically performs qualitative analysis of market & business news around the world by extracting, processing and indexing interesting and important qualitative information. Such data can be used to enhance trading and investment platforms, risk management and market surveillance.

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